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Organized by Bielecki Art Foundation festival Screen & Sound Fest. - Let's See The Music is an international project in the form of an open competition for creating a film visualisation of distinguished Polish composers’ musical works. The project is a platform integrating artists’ visual imagination with the world of symphonic music.

The  Screen & Sound Fest. - Let's See The Music is not only a forum for distinguished artists to exchange their artistic experiences, but also a chance for meeting young, most creative people. Visual arts combined specifically with classical music (still called serious music by many) have not been propagated widely enough so far.

Therefore, we can safely say, also from this point of view, that the formula of Screen & Sound Fest. is unique. Here the competition participants’ artistic sensitivity and imagination will have to find expression in works integrating refined sounds with the vision of picture that goes together with them. This peculiar interpenetration of sound and its visual interpretation will constitute the essence of this ambitious project. The relation of sound and its visual dimension may also underline the creation of an apt analogy, not only in an artistic dimension, but also in marketing and advertising.

This year we start the 3rd edition of the Festiwal! Take a look at what was happening last year: