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§ 1 General provisions

1. These Regulations specify the terms and conditions of a competition held as part of the Festival: Screen & Sound Fest. Let’s See the Music (5th edition 2017), hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”.
2. The Competition Organiser is the Bielecki Art Foundation with its seat in Kraków at ul. Bociana 6, 31-231 Kraków, entered in the register of associations, other social and professional organisations, foundations, public healthcare institutions and register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, 11th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000340956, REGON statistical number: 121072997; Tax ID number (NIP): 945–213–42-58, (hereinafter referred to as the “Organiser”).
3. The Competition shall be carried out in the following stages:
• 26.04.2017 - opening and announcement of the Competition;
• 23.08.2017 - deadline for the submission of entries;
• 29.09.2017 - announcement of entries nominated for the Grand Prix-Super Creator award;
• 21.10.2017 - the final stage of the Competition: announcement of the winners, presentation of works.
4. The competition is not a game of chance in the understanding of the Act of 29 July 1992 on Games and Mutual Wagering (Journal of Laws Dz. U. 2004 No. 4, item 27, uniform text).
5. Contact with the Competition Organiser: e-mail:, phone:+ 48 605 077 066.

§2 Definitions

The following terms used in these Regulations shall have meanings as set forth below:
1. Festival website -
2. Selection committee - a 3–5-person body appointed by the Competition Organiser, made up of representatives of the artistic community.
3. Jury at the Competition - a 4-person body appointed by the Competition Organiser. The composition of the Jury:
• professor Jerzy Kucia
• professor Bogdan Skowronek
• Mikołaj Valencia
• Janusz Bielecki
4. Participant - a natural person of age joining the Competition by registering on the Festival website. Underage persons may also join the Competition and become Participants after obtaining a written consent of their legal guardian.

§ 3 Entries

1. An entry consists in the creation of a visualisation to one of the musical pieces of Polish composers listed below using any film technique. Apart from the visualisation to the full version of the work, the Participant must create and send to the Organiser:
• An announcement in the form of a short 30-second video, in which the Participant will personally present him-/herself and his/hers entry and
• a so-called freeze-frame - one selected image from the visualisation which identifies the
2. The list of musical pieces for the Competition:
• Anna Maria Huszcza - The Wall
• Kamil Kosecki - Nocturne for violin and piano (fragment)
• Dariusz Mazurowski - Far Beyond the Heliopause
• Piotr Moss - Presto
• Jakub Polaczyk - Floating Skies
• Michał Woźniak - Viatoris
3. A Contestant may choose any piece among the listed ones for the purposes of creating a Competition work.
4. One Participant may submit more than one entry.
5. Only entries which have not participated in other competitions or festival reviews can be submitted for the Competition.
6. During the creation of an entry the Participant is obliged to use only the full version of the piece made available by the Organiser. During the creation of an entry Participants have no right to interfere in the form of the musical pieces (shortening, extending, combining them with other musical pieces, etc.).
7. The audio files with the musical pieces for the Competition are available on the Festival website.
8. You need to register on the Festival website in order to download the audio file. Listening to the pieces does not require registration.
9. The file containing your competition entry should be prepared in accordance with the technical requirements specified in Schedule 1 to these Terms and Conditions.

§ 4 Applying for the Competition

1. Artists from around the world may participate in the Competition. Underage persons whose entries will be nominated during the Competition may participate in the Final stage of the Competition only under the supervision of an adult.
2. In order to participate in the Contest, one must apply for participation in the Contest before the 23rd of August 2017 and send a file containing the entry to the Organiser, along with an announcement and an image identifying the entry, in accordance with §3 section 1 of the Regulations and with Schedule 1 to these Terms and Conditions. The decisive factor is the date when the Contest Organiser receives the application and the entry.
3. In order to apply for the Competition you need to fill in the application form available on the Festival website. The participant sends files with the entry via an account created on the Festival website. It is not possible to submit your competition entry by means of mobile devices.
4. The Competition Organiser has the right to reject applications that do not meet the conditions specified in these Regulations. The Competition Organiser hereby reserves the right not to inform the Participant about the reason for rejecting the application.
5. An application for the Competition which is correctly submitted to the Competition Organiser shall be construed as an acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in these Regulations.
6. The Competition Organiser will not return any of the files or other sent materials.

§ 5 The course of the Competition

1. There are the following awards prepared for the Competition:
• the Grand Prix-Super Creator award
• two distinctions
2. The Selection committee will conduct a pre-selection of the submitted entries and qualify entries meeting the conditions specified in the Regulations as eligible for the Competition.
3. The Jury shall nominate up to 15 entries for the Grand Prix-Super Creator award from among entries eligible for the Competition. The names of their authors shall be published on the Festival website on 29th September 2017. The nominated entries will be presented on the Festival’s website.
4. The Jury shall select the winner and the persons awarded the distinction from among entries nominated for the Grand Prix-Super Creator award. The names of the winners shall be announced during the Final stage of the Competition and published on the Festival website on 21st October 2017.
5. The sessions of the Jury shall be secret and its decisions shall be final, i.e. not subject to any verification.
6. During the Final stage of the Competition the winner of the Audience Award chosen by voting in compliance with §7 section 3 will also be announced.

§6 Costs of participation

1. The costs of creating, recording and sending the entries and the Contest participation applications are covered by the Contest Participants.
2. The Organiser shall provide accommodation for one night (21/22 October 2017) for the authors of nominated entries residing outside of Kraków at a 3 star or higher standard hotel in Krakow selected by the Organiser. The details of accommodation shall be disclosed by the Organiser via an e-mail sent to the address indicated during the registration on the Festival website.

§ 7 Awards

1. There is one main award in the Competition - the Grand Prix in the amount of PLN 10,000 and two distinctions of PLN 5,000 each.
2. The Jury at the Competition has the right not to grant any awards in a given category in case the level of the entries does not meet the requirements of the Regulations or the criteria determined by the Competition Organiser. The Jury has the right to decide to distribute the awards in a different manner.
3. Additionally, there will be an Audience Award of PLN 10,000. The award will go to the author of the entry who receives the highest number of votes in an online poll. All entries nominated for the Grand Prix-Super Creator award shall be included in the poll. The details of the votes will be published on the Festival website.
4. The Organiser may grant awards other than those set forth in the Regulations.

§ 8 Copyrights and personal data

1. The Organiser states that it holds the rights to the works listed in §3 section 2 which enable it to conduct the Competition in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations.
2. The Contest Participants are declaring that they are entitled, on the basis of exclusivity, to all rights to their entries and other materials that they have sent to the Organiser as part of the Contest, especially copyrights and related rights. The Contest Participants hereby declare that the publication of competition entries and other materials submitted to the Organizer in relation to the Competition will not infringe anyone’s rights or any personal rights of third parties, in particular anyone’s right to publicity, as well as that they have the right to grant an authorization that is
referred to in §8 section 3 to the Organizer.
3. The Contest Participants authorise the Organiser to use and dispose of the entries that have been applied for the Contest (visualisations) and other materials sent to the Organiser as part of the Contest, in a manner that is not limited by territory and time, and also as to the number of duplicates and publicity in the following fields of exploitation: consolidation (recording) in all of the available forms (photography, audio, video); duplication on all sound and image storage devices; entering them into the computer’s memory; publicly sharing them in such a manner so that everyone can access them, anytime and anywhere they wish to do so, including through the internet; publically playing them back; publically screening them; wireless, wired and satellite streaming, as well as the reemission and retransmission of the duplicates, including presenting the entries with baking tracks that are performed “live”, every time in the context of their relation to the Festival, especially for the purposes of promoting the Festival, including its subsequent editions; as well as the right to use, in the above-mentioned scope, the image of all of the persons consolidated in the content of the entries and other materials sent to the Organiser as part of the Contest. The Organiser also has the right to use chosen by yourself parts of the entries in the above-mentioned scope and in the above-mentioned fields of exploitation. Granting the above permission is free of charge.
4. In the case when third parties approach the Organiser with a claim that any sort of rights have been infringed, which related to publicising/using the entries or other materials sent to the Organiser as part of the Contest, in accordance with the resolutions of these Regulations, especially copyrights, related rights or the personal interests of third parties, the Contest Participant frees the Organiser from all liabilities, especially legal and financial ones, towards those persons and undertakes to fulfil all of those claims.
5. When entering the Contest, the Participants give consent for their personal data to be processed by the Organiser for purposes related to conducting the Contest and in the scope essential for the Contest to be indecorously performed, in accordance with the Data Protection Act of the 29th of August 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 922). The Participant has the right to access his/hers data and to make correction to it. The disclosure of personal data is voluntary, however, a lack of disclosure of personal data deems the participation in the Contest impossible.The Competition Organiser hereby reserves the right to publish information concerning the course and results of the Competition.
6. The Contest Organiser reserves the right to publish the information concerning the procedure and the results of the Contest.
7. In the case of underage Competition Participants the legal representatives shall confirm the aforementioned representations and obligations of the Participant in writing.

§ 9 Final provisions

1. These Regulations are available on the Festival website.
2. These Regulations shall come into force on 26th April 2017.
3. These Regulations have been made in two language versions: Polish and English. Any discrepancies concerning the provisions of these Regulations shall be settled based on the Polish text.
4. Unless the mandatory provisions of the law state otherwise, Polish law shall be the applicable law for the entire legal relationship between the Competition Participant and the Organiser.
5. If any provision of these Regulations is found to be partially or entirely invalid under the law, the Organiser is obliged to immediately amend it. The invalidity of any of the provisions of the Regulations shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.
6. The matters not covered in these Regulations shall be resolved by the Organiser in consultation with the Jury. 
7. The Competition Organiser shall not be liable for a cancellation of the Competition or any changes in the schedule of the Competition resulting from causes not attributable to it.
8. Any changes to the Regulations will be implemented in accordance with applicable laws.
Schedule 1

The file you upload will not be modified in any way on the server side. Therefore, we ASK that you comply with the following guidelines. This will help you to send the film for the contest without any problems.
The duration of the trailer can not exceed 30 seconds.
MP4 file format.
Resolution of 720p (16:9 aspect ratio).
H.264 video compression standard – the film should be recorded in 25 progressive frames per second (720@25p) using the MP4 container (the file should be exported with the .mp4 extension).
AAC audio compression standard.
The transferred file can not be larger than 180 MB, and the bit rate can not be greater than 4 000 kb/s.
The duration of the trailer can not exceed 30 seconds.
Resolution of 720p (16:9 aspect ratio).
H.264 video compression standard – the film should be recorded in 25 progressive frames per second (720@25p) using the MP4 container (the file should be exported with the .mp4 extension).
AAC audio compression standard.
The transferred file can not be larger than 180 MB, and the bit rate can not be greater than 4 000 kb/s.
Remember that films that do not comply with the above specification will not be qualified to the contest!
If you want to check if your film meets these requirements, use Mediainfo Lite software, this software is often supplied with the Codec Guide: K-Lite Codec Pack.
To convert your video to the appropriate format, you can use the free Hand Brake software.
You can download a test film prepared according to the specifications above – in order to compare it with your file, download test film:

Regulations SAS 2017