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Accepting applications for the contest ends:

59 D, 21 h, 44 m, 43 s





1. These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: Terms and Conditions) determine the conditions of the online vote for the Audience Award in the Competition for the creation of visualisations to works of Polish composers (hereinafter: Competition) organized as part of the 5th “Screen & Sound Fest - Let’s See The Music” Festival 2017 (hereinafter: Festival). 


2. The official website of the Festival and Competition: 


3. The Organiser of the Festival and Competition is the Bielecki Art foundation with its registered office in Kraków located at: ul. Bociana 6, 31-231 Kraków, entered into the register of associations, other social and professional organisations, foundations and independent public healthcare institutions kept by the District Court for Kraków – City Centre, XI Commercial Division of the National Court Register with KRS entry number: 0000340956 (hereinafter: Organiser). 


4. Participation in the vote is voluntary and free of charge. 


5. The objective of the vote is to determine one project with the highest amount of votes among the entries submitted to the Competition and published on the website 


6. The vote is open to any natural person who holds a Facebook account (hereinafter: Participant). 


7. The vote takes place on the website with the use of a Facebook widget. A vote is cast by clicking the “Vote” button located by the video which the Participant wishes to vote for. After clicking on the button, Facebook log-in screen will be displayed (only if the Participant is not logged into Facebook). Next, the Facebook Screen & Sound application screen will appear informing that it is necessary to agree for basic data on the Participant to be processed (first and last name, e-mail address – provided to Facebook as well as the ID number assigned by Facebook to the Participant’s address). After providing consent, the vote will be recorded in the database of the Screen & Sound website. 


8. The Participant in the vote is entitled to cast one vote only for one competition entry selected among all categories. 


9. The use of applications or software that assist voting or voting via fake profiles created on Facebook is prohibited. 


10. The vote is open from 12:00 o’clock on 29th September 2017 to 12:00 o’clock on 20th October 2017. 


11. The results of voting will be published on an ongoing basis on the website 


12. The final result of the vote will be announced on 21st October 2017 during the Festival Finale taking place in Kraków, at Kijów.Centrum (Al. Krasińskiego 34) from 8:00PM. 


13 Creators of the competition entry which receives the highest number of votes in the online vote will receive a cash prize in the amount of PLN 10 000. 


14. Each Participant casting a vote for one of the competition entries may briefly justify their choice by entering their original comments in the indicated field displayed after the vote has been cast. The author of the most interesting comment, in the opinion of the Organiser, will receive a prize in the form of: iPad of the value PLN 1799 gross. More information about the prize can be found on the website The winner will be announced on 27th October 2017 on the Festival’s Facebook profile. The winner of the prize will also be notified by the Organiser before 7 th November 2017 through the Facebook profile. The method of collecting the prize will also be determined via Facebook (collection in person or delivery). The condition of claiming the prize is making a payment for the benefit of the Organiser at the value of the income tax on the prize at the applicable rate. The prize cannot be exchanged for a cash equivalent or a different prize. The Organiser’s decision on awarding the prize is final and cannot be appealed against. The Organiser reserves the right to quote selected comments on the Festival’s Facebook profile. 


15. The condition of taking part in the vote by the Participant is acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. 


16. By taking part in the vote, the Participant agrees for their personal data to be processed by the Organiser in the scope necessary to conduct the vote, according to the act of 29/08/1997 on personal data protection (Journal of Laws no. 101, item 926, as amended). The Administrator of personal data is the Organiser. 


17. These Terms and Conditions become effective on 29 September 2017 and are available on the website: