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Listen to music, launch your imagination and create!

Listen to music, launch your imagination and create!

26 April 2017

From today you can listen to and download the music of Polish composers, which is the starting point for the creation of visualizations for the V edition of Screen & Sound Fest. Each competition composition has a unique character and different temperament. Find the one that works best for your imagination and share your ideas with us.

This year you can choose from the following works, LISTEN!

The Wall - Anna Maria Huszcza
Noctune for violin and piano (fragment) - Kamil Kosecki
Far Beyond the Heliopause - Dariusz Mazurowski
Presto - Piotr Moss
Floating Skies - Jakub Polaczyk
Viatoris - Michał Woźniak

The deadline for entries is August 23rd, 2017.

Prizes to win in total: 30 000 PLN.

For details of the contest, please refer to the RULES.

If you want to know how to prepare your visualization technically, please refer to TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS.