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We begin Screen & Sound Fest. 2020!

We begin Screen & Sound Fest. 2020!

10 July 2020

Since 2013 the Bielecki Art Foundation in Krakow has been organizing Screen & Sound Fest. It is a festival in the formula of a competition, the substantive assumptions of which oscillate around the issues of interpenetration and mutual inspiration between music and film image.
As part of the competition, every year the festival participants create visualizations to selected music pieces composed by world-famous composers. Multimedia works have been created to the music of, among others, Abel Korzeniowski, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Wojciech Kilar, Bartosz Chajdecki, Leszek Możdżer, Krzysztof Komeda so far.
This year's 8th edition of the festival began on 10 July under the motto MUSIC-FILM-HOPE. The leitmotif of the competition is an obvious reference to the prevailing situation in the world related to the coronavirus pandemic. We are convinced that it is the artists, exceptional creators, multimedia creators who can use to convey the support, joy and hope to all those in need.
In this special edition of the festival, this time we have set our sights on full artistic freedom - the participants choose the music for their visualizations themselves. The only limitation - as always - is imagination. Moreover, all accompanying events and announcement of the winners will take place online. 
The submitted works of the authors of paintings to music will be judged by a Jury composed of Janusz Bielecki (composer, patron and originator of Screen & Sound Fest.), Krzysztof Markiel (author of key investments in the cultural sector in Małopolska), Piotr Zdybał (art historian, festival curator, critic), Łukasz Jankowski (director, operator and film editor). The Internet community will also award its prize in an online voting.
Participants can submit their works to the competition until 30 September this year.