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07 August 2020

Introducing a new cycle! In anticipation of your competition works, in order to make your time more pleasant and inspire you, we will present texts of culture that warm hearts in a special way and give hope for a better tomorrow.

Here's our first proposal. 
The film "Connected" is a testimony to the extraordinary love between Wiola and Christopher. We meet a couple of people when they are getting ready to go out on a ski slope. A seemingly ordinary day and mundane activities reveal their true face to us: Krzysztof is blind, his eyes on the slope become Wiola, who directs a man through a Bluetooth headset.
In 18 minutes, Aleksandra Maciejczyk contained a moving story about not giving in to adversities of fate, love and great trust in another man. The film received many awards, including the Silver Dragon in the International Short Film Competition at the Krakow Film Festival.

You can see the picture here: