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Final Gala of The Festival

Final Gala of The Festival

22 September - 29 October

This year, the viewers will participate in a unique preview presentation of the outstanding work by Feliks Nowowiejski titled “Król Wichrów” (King of the Winds). The best fragments of the dance-multimedia superproduction, which is set to premiere in 2017, will be presented.

“The King of the Winds” is a stage work by F. Nowowiejski and has a national theme. Its action takes place in Góry Bajeczne. The work initially planned as an opera, has not yet been staged in its final form. Under the guidance of sensitive and experienced artists “The King of the Winds” returns to the stage in a musically and visually unique form.


The Screen & Sound Fest final Gala - Let’s See The Music 2016, combined with the preview presentation of “The King of the Winds” will take place on October 29th 2016 at 8 PM in Kijów.Centrum, al. Krasińskiego 34 in Kraków. Wojciech Wocław will host the show.

Tickets available at EMPiK, Media Markt, Saturn the Kijów.Centrum box office and,