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How to prepare competition works?

How to prepare competition works?

20 May - 25 August

All participants in the Screen & Sound Fest. competition uses a special panel through which after registration can add their works. That panel was created so that the submission of works was uncomplicated and fast. To make the proces smooth please read the following guide lines.

The file you upload will not be modified in any way by the server.

Because of that PLEASE pay attention to the following guidelines. They will help you to seamlessly upload the video.
1. File format: mp4.
2. 720p resolution (aspect ratio: 16:9).
3. Video compression standard H.264 – the video should be stored at 25 progressive frames (720@25p) using mp4 container (the file should be exported with the mp4 extension).
4. Audio compression standard AAC.
5. The uploaded file cannot be larger than 400 MB and its bitrate cannot be larger than 4 000 kb/s.

If you want to check if your video meets the above requirements, use MediaInfo Lite (This program is often supplied with Codec Guide: K-Lite Codec Pack)

To convert your video to the proper format, use the free program Hand Brake. You can download a test video prepared in accordance with the above specifications heredownload test video

Remember that videos not prepared in the accordance with the above specifications will not be eligible for the competition.