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Janusz Bielecki talks about the competition compositions

Janusz Bielecki talks about the competition compositions

03 September 2014

In our talk with the founder of Bielecki Art Foundation, Janusz Bielecki we asked him about the competition compositions.

Modern composer chose specific piece to which participants of the competition have to create visualizations – this formula of the competition is very unique, why did you decide on it?

"One of the key elements of the Festival is creating new ways of illustration music – creating an image cannot have any barriers. Through imposition of certain music pieces that the participants cannot modify we force them in a way to find new techniques of production. We were surprised about the innovative approach some of the last years contestants had. They did not limit themselves to techniques such as film or animated but for example connected those two words. This is the reason we created Super Kreator award category – it is intended for people who break barriers of creating videos or animations.

It was also important for me that the Festival promote Polish composer. That’s why both first and the present edition features Polish works. Only a few Polish composers such as Chopin or Penderecki are known around the word and we have many more great contemporary artist.

Of course, over time the festival will evolve – composer form different countries will appears, as well as the character of the music will change – we are open to new ideas and we are always looking for interesting musical areas to explore."