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Janusz Bielecki talks about the Festiwals idea

Janusz Bielecki talks about the Festiwals idea

29 August 2014

We asked the founder of Bielecki Art Foundation where did the Screen & Sound Fest. idea come from?

"I was looking for a brand new, original idea for an event that wouldn’t have any territorial or age barriers. I wanted it to be free from any technical limitations. The very idea of the competition, which is the main part of the Festival, came for my compositions. To be exact from piece entitled “Czasoprzestrzeń” on which basis a mini-play was created. The play was produced in a completely new way – first there was the music, than the image was created. Sound became the basis for making an image – and that is the primary aim of the competition, to create images inspired by music.

The same technique was used when creating the movies “All about my parents”, that will soon premier in Poland. The director, before he started shooting, had the scrip and the music – on those basis he started to create images. I think that the integral relationship between music and image is the basis for creating a unique audio-visual work. I wanted that idea to be promoted during the Festival."