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PIANOHOOLIGAN at the Gala in Kijów.Centrum cinema!

PIANOHOOLIGAN at the Gala in Kijów.Centrum cinema!

22 February 2013

We are please to inform you that Piotr Orzechowski Pianohooligan - pianist from Krakow, laureate of many international competitions and also the winner and nominee of the 2012 and 2013 edition of Gazeta Wyborsza’s Kulturalne Odloty, will perform during the Gala of the Screen and Sound Fest. His latest album dedicated to the composer Krzysztof Paderewski entitled “Experiment: Penderacki” became a sensation, what’s more, despite daring interpretation, it also gained the approval of the Master.

Pianohooligan just has been nominated for the Fryderyk as the Debut of the Year in jazz!

Hearing  Pianohooligana live will certainly be an interesting experience, we invite you for the 23rd of March!