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Screen&Sound 3rd edition is now opened!

Screen&Sound 3rd edition is now opened!

20 May 2015

Organized by Bielecki Art Foundation Screen & Sound Fest. - Let's See The Music is an international project in the form of an open competition for creating a film visualisation of distinguished Polish composers’ musical works. This year wa are holding the 3rd edition of the competition.

The main prize is Grand Prix-Super Creator award worth 10 000 PLN!

Deadline for the submission of entries is set on August 25th. Nominations for the Grand Pix-Super Creator awars will be announced on October 2nd. The final stage of the Competition (announcement of the winners) will take place on October 24rh in Kijów.Cetrum.

Familiarize yourself with the rules of the competition.

Contestants of this year’s Screen & Sound Fest. can choose one of the 6 compositions to create their visualization:
Lapanka - Bartosz Chajdecki
Soaring Dreams - Adrian Konarski
Walc (theme from movie: Pornografia) - Zygmunt Konieczny
Hunchback Porn Angel - Leszek Możdżer
Oj syr sukar te dziveł - Jana Kanty Pawluśkiewicza
Do zrobienia w ogrodzie (theme from movie: Pani z Przedszkola)  - Michała Woźniaka