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Program of the Final Gala

Program of the Final Gala

22 February 2013

The Final Gala of the Festival will take place on 23rd of March 2013 at 8 p.m. in Kijów.Centrum cinema, al. Krasińskiego 34, Kraków.

During the Ceremony the results of the competition will be announced.
Works of the winners will be viewed and will be accompanied by

The star of the evening will be Piotr Orzechowski - PIANOHOOLIGAN.

The program also includes animations by Tomasz Sikora prepared  for Janusz Bielecki’s music
and a premiere of William Goldstein composition „On The Path”.

You can buy tickets for the Final Gala online at website. 

Tickets can be also purchased in:

- Empik

- Media Markt

- Saturn

and in Kijów.Centrum.