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1. The following terms (hereinafter: Rules) determine the conditions of voting for the audience award in the Contest concerning creating visualizations for the works of Polish composers (hereinafter: Contest), organized as part of the "Screen & Sound Fest. - Let’s See the Music" Festival edition VI 2018 (hereinafter: Festival). 
2. Official Festival and Contest website:
3. The Contest Organizer is the Bielecki Art Foundation with its seat in Kraków at ul. Bociana 6,31-231 Kraków, entered in the register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations, public healthcare institutions and register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, 11th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000340956 (hereinafter: Organizer).
4. Participation in the competition is free of charge and completely voluntary. 
5. The goal of the voting is to select one work, which will achieve the highest number of votes from all works applied for the Contest and included on the website. 
6. Any natural person possessing a Facebook user account (hereinafter: Participant) may participate in the voting.
7. The voting takes place via the website, with the use of the Facebook widget. In order to vote, click on the "vote button" located under the video which the Participant wishes to vote for. Then a sub-page with the selected video will be displayed. In order to efficiently vote for the video, the Participant must accept the Rules and agree to process personal data by marking proper windows located on that sub-page, and confirm the vote with the "vote button". Then a Facebook logging screen will appear (only if the Participant is not logged in to Facebook). The given vote is recorded in the Screen & Sound Fest database. 
8. Due to participating in the voting, the Organizer will process identification data of Participants in the form of name, surname, or other identifier used by the Participant on his or her Facebook profile, e-mail address, as well as the ID assigned by Facebook to the Participant's account. The above mentioned data is necessary for the Organizer to verify the reliability and accordance of the voting with the provisions determined in these Rules, and especially points 9 and 10. 
9. The voting Participant may vote only once for a given piece, selected from all categories.
10. It is forbidden to use software or systems supporting voting, or voting with the use of fictitious Facebook profiles. 
11. The voting starts at 12.00 on September 21st 2018 and ends at 12.00 on October 12th 2018. 
12. Voting results will be presented in real time at The scores will be hidden 48 hours before the end of voting. The final results will be presented on October 13th 2018 during the Festival's Final Gala which is going to take place in Kraków, Kijów.Centrum (Al. Krasińskiego 34) at 19.30.
13. The author of the work with the highest number of votes will receive a financial award in the sum of PLN 5,000.00.
14. The content of the consent for processing personal data can be found in attachment number 1.
15. Mandatory information concerning processing personal data by the Organizer can be found in attachment number 2 included with the Rules. 
16. These Rules become effective on September 21st 2018, and are available at:

Attachment number 1 to the RULES
I give my consent for the processing of my personal information by Fundacja Bielecki Art based in Kraków, (postal code 31-231), at ul. Bociana 6, phone: (12) 61-64-196,, as the Administrator of Personal Data, in the following scope:
- the name and surname, or other identification that I use on my Facebook profile;
- the e-mail address;
- the ID assigned by Facebook to my Participant account - 
in order to participate in the vote for the audience award in the Competition organized as part of the "Screen & Sound Fest." festival - VI 2018 edition, following the conditions described in the Rules of the Competition available at, as well as considering the range and manner of the processing of personal information, in accordance with the information clause, which conforms to article 13 of GDPR, present in Attachment no. 2 of the Competition Rules.
Attachment no 2 to RULES 
In accordance with Article 13 sec. 1 and article 2 of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter: GDPR) of April 27, 2016, the Organizer hereby informs that:
1 Administrator of personal data:
The administrator of the Participant's personal data within the following scope:
the name and surname, or other identification used on the Facebook profile;
the e-mail address;
the ID assigned by Facebook to the User's account, who is also the Participant;
consists in the Festival and Contest Organizer, meaning Fundacja Bielecki Art located in Kraków (31-231), ul. Bociana 6, phone:  (12) 61-64-196, e-mail:
2. Purposes for processing personal data:
The Organizer will process the Participant's personal data indicated in point 1 in order to carry out the process of online voting for the audience award of the "Screen & Sound Fest. – Let’s See The Music" festival competition, in accordance with the provisions determined in the Rules.  
3. Legal base for the processing and information about the required/voluntary data submission 
The Administrator will process the Participant's personal data indicated in point 1:
(i) In accordance with Article 6 act 1 a) of the GDPR - meaning basing on the Participant's consent given in the form determined in point 15 of the Rules.
(ii) In accordance with Article 6 act 1, f) of the GDPR - meaning based on the Organizer's legally justified interest. 
The consent for processing data due to participating in the voting is voluntary, although its lack will result in the inability to participate in the voting
The consent for processing personal data may be withdrawn by the Participant at any time. 
Withdrawing the consent may be done by sending an e-mail or traditional mail at the Organizer's address stated above, in point 1.
Withdrawing the Participant's consent will result in cancelling the vote given by the Participant and immediately stopping the processing of the Participant's personal data as well as removing it by the organizer. 
The withdrawing of consent does not affect the legitimacy of any processing that has occurred prior to the withdrawal.
4. Period of storing personal data:
The Participant's personal data will be processed and stored by the Organizer until the final results of the voting or until the Participant withdraws the consent, if the withdrawal takes place before the final results.
5. Information concerning the categories of recipients of the personal data; 
The Participant's personal data may be shared:
(i) with the Administrator's external contractors within the scope necessary to handle the voting and handling the presentation of the results, including technical and organizational services (especially providers and entities specializing in ensuring the technical service of IT systems);
(ii) entities authorized by the provisions of law.
6. Sharing personal data with third countries or an international organization:
The organizer does not intend to share personal data of Participants with recipients located outside the European Economic Area (European Union countries and Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein).
However, due to using communication - the Facebook widget - for the purposes of the voting, it is possible to process personal data within this scope in third countries and that is why the Organizer recommends familiarizing the procedures and privacy policy of Facebook before participating in the voting. 
7. Rights of the person whose data is processed:
The Participant has the right to access the personal data, the right to rectify incorrect data, the right to complement insufficient data, the right to remove data, the right to limit the processing, and the right to object to the processing of personal data.
The User has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority (Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data).
8. Information about automated decision making:
The Participant will not be subject to decisions taken in an automated manner (without human intervention), neither will the Participant's personal data be used for profiling. 

Voting Rules 2018