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Have you ever tried to see music? Is it even possible? We already know that it is!

In 2013, we invited artists from around the world to participate in our Screen & Sound Fest—Let’s See the Music for the first time, in which, as part of a competition, the participants’ task was to create film visualizations for musical pieces by famous Polish composers. After the end of the first edition, we already knew that our project was not only a forum for exchanging artistic experiences among recognized artists, but also a meeting place for young, creative people—after all, visual arts, especially in combination with symphonic music, had not been sufficiently promoted before.

The next editions of the competition and the festival, in which we managed to prove many times that you could see music in many different—sometimes surprising—ways, also showed how the sensitivity and artistic imagination of the participants found expression in works integrating sublime sounds with the vision of matching them with an image. This peculiar interpenetration of sounds and their visual interpretations is the essence of our ambitious artistic undertaking.

In 2020 we would like to invite everyone who enjoys exploring new areas of artistic activity to participate in the eight edition of Screen & Sound Fest. Let’s See the Music together!