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Accepting applications for the contest ends:

2 D, 14 h, 5 m, 15 s


Od 23 April do 22 August


Create visualizations for one of the shared songs - contemporary interpretations of the compositions from the repertoire of Krzysztof Komeda.
5 October

Komeda's footsteps in Krakow

Guide: Tomasz Lach, stepson of Krzysztof Komeda
5 October

Komeda Remixed presented by Kamil Tuszyński

Screening of nominated films and IMPREZA S&S 2019: KOMEDA REMIXED vol. I with Kamil Tuszyński (Krakow)
Od 7 August do 13 August

11 October

SAS 2019 Contest results

Kinoteatr Rialto - Katowice
12 October

Lecture on Komeda by Magdalena Grzebałtowska

12 October

Komeda Remixed presented by Wojtek Urbański

Screening of nominees and IMPRESSION S&S 2019: KOMEDA REMIXED vol. II with Wojtek Urbański (Katowice)
13 October